Asian Pacific Spring Festival 2016

Spring Festival 2016

The Locke Asian Pacific Spring Festival was held Saturday, May 21, 2016, on Main Street, Locke, California

[img src=]James Motlow and Stuart Walthall doing early morning preparations for the LAPSF
[img src=]Great Richy: Juggler
[img src=]Stockton Taiko Dummers
[img src=]Iu-Mien dancers with festival entertainment chair, Eva Chu
[img src=]Red Maple Chinese Cultural Connection and Little Phoenix
[img src=]Lily Zhu, water sleeve dancer
[img src=]Sinagtala Filipino bamboo pole dancers
[img src=]L-R: Irisa Zhang, Stuart Walthall, Eileen Leung, Gabriela Leon Cerriteno and Leticia Hall. Presentation of Locke Foundation Scholarships. Photo courtesy of Joe Chan.
[img src=]Eastern Ways, Lion Dancers
[img src=]
[img src=] Emcee JIm T. Chong with Iu-Mien dance group, Little Phoenix.
[img src=]
[img src=]Locke Foundation Chairman Stuart Walthall